Duplicity of Boris Johnson exposed by UK decision to introduce legislation overriding part of the Withdrawal Agreement

10 September 2020

The UK Government’s decision to introduce legislation overriding parts of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement has exposed the duplicity of Boris Johnson according to Labour Brexit Spokesperson Brendan Howlin.

Deputy Howlin was speaking after it was announced in the House of Commons that the UK Government is to fast track the introduction of its new post-Brexit Bill, the Internal Market Bill in the next two weeks.

Deputy Howlin said:

“What has now been exposed is the duplicity of Boris Johnson in cutting a deal with the EU at the end of last year. It is clear now that he had no intention of implementing the withdrawal agreement, a deal he agreed to because he had no majority and wanted a general election.

“In attempting to ram this Bill through the House of Commons on the pretence of saying that it is a ‘legal safety net’ is disingenuous and dishonest and a fundamental breach of faith on behalf of the British Government.

“This has profound implications for anyone who wishes to establish an international relationship with the British Government. I would agree with the Taoiseach’s assessment when he said trust has been eroded and will negatively impact any future negotiations.

“The repudiation of parts of the agreement surrounding Northern Ireland represents a clear violation of the Northern Ireland protocol and will make a no-deal Brexit more likely than not. It is clear now that Boris Johnson is pushing this Bill through the Houses Parliament in order to wriggle out of a deal that he himself claimed was ‘oven ready’ less than a year ago in order to win a general election.

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