Nigerian Ambassador should be called in after multiple killings of peaceful protestors

22 October 2020
  • Amnesty describes shootings of protestors as extrajudicial executions.
  • Those responsible must be held accountable.

Responding to the lethal use of force against peaceful protestors in Nigeria, Labour Foreign Affairs spokesperson Brendan Howlin condemned the state led violence, and the indiscriminate killing of people in response to protests against police violence, and said the Minister for Foreign Affairs must call in the Ambassador from Nigeria for an explanation and cessation of the state led killings.

Deputy Howlin said:

“Yesterday Amnesty International reported that 12 people had been killed when security forces fired upon people attending protests against police violence that started with calls for the closure of the Special Ant-Robbery Squad known as SARS. The Associated Press yesterday said that at least 56 people have died over the last two weeks during demonstrations. That is a shockingly high number and cannot be ignored. It is simply not acceptable for a government led police force to fire into crowds attending peaceful protests.

“I condemn these brutal and indiscriminate killings that are tantamount to state sanctioned murder. Amnesty has described these as extrajudicial executions and I agree with their call for an immediate investigation, and for those responsible to be held accountable. The protests that started against SARS has now widened to demands for more reforms to end abuses by state forces and tackle corruption.

“The Irish government should now express similar warnings to Nigeria that peaceful protesters should not be fired on and demand accountability from their government for this state led violence.

“The Minister for Foreign Affairs should call in the Nigerian Ambassador to Ireland demanding an explanation and an end to violence.”

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