Transparency on COVID Vaccination Roll Out & Strategy Essential

30 December 2020
  •  Kelly asks Government to Publish Daily Figures & Vaccine Procurement Updates.
  • Transparency essential to give people hope for the future.

Leader of the Labour Party Alan Kelly has called on the Government to publish a daily report on vaccination roll out numbers along with a daily statement updating the Government’s vaccination procurement and implementation strategy, adding this was essential to give people hope.

Deputy Kelly said:

“We have some very positive developments in recent days with the first vaccinations taking place. We need to continue this but we also need to be fully transparent with the public as to where we are at with the volume of vaccinations available to us. This will help deal with some misinformation that’s unfortunately spreading. It is also essential to give people hope for the future.

“Professor Brian McGraith’s report is a live working document and I respect that. That’s why it’s so important that we transparently show the progress we are making by updating people daily on the HSE website with the figures of the amount of people vaccinated each day, the vaccination type along with a narrative on how many vaccines we as a country have each day and a projection of when we are likely to get more and in what volume and what type they are.

“The Minister for Health has said all nursing home residents will be vaccinated by the end of February along with tens of thousands of healthcare workers. We also need to transparently say if we deviate from the Professor McGraith’s roll out plan or the Government’s population prioritisation list.

“As we head into a likely full Level 5 today we have to keep people’s spirits up and and follow up on really positive developments as regards the vaccine this week. Critical to this is transparency. That’s why I’m calling on the Government to take these measures today.”

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