The Labour Party Stands with Deliveroo Drivers

22 January 2021

Labour employment spokesperson Senator Marie Sherlock has urged all Deliveroo customers to stand with Deliveroo drivers in their strike tonight.


“We stand with Deliveroo drivers in their strike across Dublin this evening. These workers are asking Deliveroo for engagement on very basic issues – better pay, conditions and standards. Throughout the pandemic, these workers have faced increased workload and additional risks in carrying out their work, yet they are not treated with adequate respect by Deliveroo.


“Unfortunately, many platform workers continue to experience exploitative conditions. In Ireland, platforms like Deliveroo can employ their workers as self-employed persons, and therefore don’t have to assume the responsibility of their health and safety or pay PRSI. I am calling on Dublin Deliveroo users to avoid ordering this evening in solidarity with these workers.


“The renewed public discussion on the importance of unions is no surprise given the burden many workers have carried throughout the pandemic. The Labour Party also supports the efforts of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn employees and the FSU as they seek to unionise. Unionisation ensures that workers’ voices on key matters relating to their employment terms and conditions are heard. It creates an culture of inclusiveness and dialogue, ultimately benefiting the organisation as a whole.


“What’s happening with Deliveroo this evening demonstrations a desire among workers for collective representation to deal with conditions of employment, as well as matters relating to pay. The Labour Party stands with Deliveroo drivers.”



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