Clarity On Driving Licence Extensions Needed

25 January 2021
  • Minister needs to provide immediately clarity on the further extension period for renewals of driving licences
  • Department needs to lay out plan for backlog of applications
  • Extension must be granted to prevent anyone being put of the road through no fault of their own.


The Minister for Transport must provide immediate clarity on the further extension of driving licences, said Labour transport spokesperson Duncan Smith TD. Deputy Smith urged the Department to establish a plan for extensions and to deal with the backlog of applications for new licences and renewal of licences.

Deputy Smith said:

“Delay and last-minute decisions are becoming all too common with Ministers and Departments in this Government. Minister Ryan needs to clarify his plans to further extend the period for licence renewals and new applications for driving licences. This issue affects people of all ages who may need to drive for work or essential purposes.

“The Government continues to make a number of last-minute announcements that leaves people in doubt until the eleventh hour. People need urgent clarity as to whether or not extensions will be granted or Covid-19 protocols will be extended. With many essential workers driving to work we cannot have a situation arise where frontline workers cannot drive their cars under the Rules of the Road. There is also a huge knock-on impact for communities in terms of transport for shopping, or dropping shopping to an elderly relative.

“This will adversely affect those living outside of urban areas with access to public transport options. It will also have heavy financial implications for those drivers when renewing car insurance or if they get into a car crash. The Minister must announce his plan for this and clearly outline the roadmap to deal with the backlog of applications and renewals. Why wait for Europe to lead when the simple answer is on our doorstep?”

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