Fast-track citizenship for frontline workers now

Ivana Bacik TD
31 January 2021

Labour spokesperson on Children, Disability, Equality and Integration, Senator Ivana Bacik, has reiterated her call to fast-track Irish citizenship for the many non-National frontline workers putting themselves at risk of contracting Covid-19 every day through providing essential care services in our communities. Senator Bacik encouraged people to sign the #FastTrackCitizenship petition online, started by Dr Mohsin Kamal, which calls for speeding up the Irish naturalisation process for healthcare workers.

Senator Bacik said:

“Many workers who are not Irish citizens have formed the backbone of our health system throughout this pandemic, doing amazing work to serve so many persons affected by the virus. The Minister for Justice must look to expedite the process of obtaining citizenship for these healthcare workers. The applications of frontline workers should be processed and granted as soon as possible.

“There are currently 20,000 people waiting for their applications for citizenship to be processed, many of whom are healthcare and frontline workers. The introduction of a fast-track citizenship system for frontline workers has already been introduced in other countries, including France and Canada, in recognition of the immense personal sacrifices made by so many who have put themselves at risk every day to provide vital health and social care services throughout this pandemic.

“These workers have gone above and beyond the call of duty for Ireland over the past year, and speeding up their applications for citizenship is one tangible way that the State can thank these people for their sacrifices. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the individuals and families in our own communities who have worked under enormous pressure to keep everyone safe.

“The Labour Party is calling on the Government to back up our appreciation with action. Let’s fast-track citizenship applications now.”

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