NPHET must include vaccination rollout in modelling

Alan Kelly TD
01 April 2021

Labour Party Leader, Alan Kelly TD, has raised questions about why full vaccination rollout is not included in NPHET’s latest modelling.

This comes as NPHET’s latest modelling projects that a moderate increase in close contacts between the 5th of April and the 30th of September would mean 578,000 cases and a peak of 9,500 cases a day.

Deputy Kelly said:

“NPHET’s latest modelling figures have raised questions on whether they are including the Government’s full plan to have 80% of all adults receive their first dose of the Covid vaccine by the end of June and everyone vaccinated by the  NPHET’s modelling needs to include and mirror the vaccination rollout until the end of September.

“I raised this in the Dáil with the Tánaiste who confirmed that having adults fully vaccinated by September continues to be the vaccination plan.

“NPHET’s modelling needs to include expected vaccination figures in order to give people hope.

“Surely if everyone in the country will be given the chance to be fully vaccinated by September, then it is bizarre that this isn’t included in the modelling by NPHET.”

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