CCTV necessary to stop repeat offenders illegal dumping

Senator Mark Wall
16 June 2021

Welcoming the announcement of the Government’s Circular Economy Bill, Labour Senator Mark Wall said it is welcome that Government are listening to Labour’s national campaign to end the scourge of illegal dumping. The Government Bill provides for the use of CCTV and drone footage in the prosecution of such cases, and would be extremely useful in preventing, investigating, detecting and prosecuting illegal dumping.

Senator Wall said:

“While we await further detail of the circular economy bill, it is welcome to see that Government are taking on board suggestions from opposition parties. Illegal dumping may not be the most glamorous side of politics but it is the issue on which we get most representations which is why we have run a national campaign to highlight it. I put forward a Bill which would allow for the use of CCTV footage in the prosecution of illegal dumping cases, which the Government did not oppose at second stage, and I am hopeful that this piece of legislation might be enacted to deter serial illegal dumpers.

“The simple fact is that illegal dumping is out of control. The problem is not confined to our beautiful countryside, although the problem there is at its worst. This problem can be found on the main streets of our cities, the main roads through our towns, as well as every secondary road and laneway in our country. We need to proactively deter this type of behaviour. Local authorities must be equipped to address this, and CCTV is one such option available to them.

“The figures involved in the clean-up of this vandalism are mind blowing. Local authorities in Kildare, Meath and South Dublin alone are spending an average of €3 million a year on clean ups. If this is replicated throughout our 31 local authorities, then were are wasting on average €90 million per year on clean ups.

“What we need are detections and prosecutions of those who simply feel they are above the law. Labour’s bill would deter serial dumpers through allowing the use of CCTV cameras in the prosecution of illegal dumping offences and I am glad the Government is heeding our calls. The use of cameras at these locations will prevent dumping if my Bill, or the Government’s, passes.

“Many people dump illegally because our local authorities are not equipped to deter repeat offenders. This bill would do this and help end the scourge of illegal dumping.” 


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