Action needed on Irish abortion legislation review in light of Texas developments

Ivana Bacik TD
07 September 2021

Following the coming into effect last week of a highly restrictive anti-abortion law in Texas, Labour TD Ivana Bacik has called on Minister Donnelly to publish details about the review of Ireland’s abortion legislation. 

Deputy Bacik said: 

“Recent developments on abortion in Texas remind us that across the world,  anti-abortion activists are targeting hard-fought women’s rights and seeking to row back on progress made with enacting abortion laws in different countries. I am deeply concerned about any step backwards in the fight for reproductive justice and gender equality worldwide.  

“Three years on from our repeal of the Eighth Amendment in 2018, the government has not provided clarity on the expected timelines of its review into the operation of our abortion legislation, nor have the terms of reference been made public. Yet in the context of international events, reviewing the effectiveness of the legislation is more important than ever. 

“We know that some women still have to travel out of this jurisdiction in order to access abortion services; their needs must be addressed. There is also a pressing need to legislate for safe access zones to protect women seeking to access abortion here in Ireland. 

“The referendum campaign triggered a national conversation about the adverse effects of prohibiting abortion; we heard powerful testimonies from those whose lives were touched by tragedy because of draconian laws outlawing abortion. Following the repeal referendum, we must now ensure that our legislation provides effective protection for women’s reproductive healthcare rights.” 

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