Student accommodation crisis symptom of larger government failings

Senator Annie Hoey image
14 September 2021

Labour spokesperson on further and higher education Annie Hoey has called on the Minister to outline his plans to ensure all students who require accommodation will have suitable, affordable options available to them. As the housing crisis continues to spiral into every section of society, Senator Hoey said the crisis in student accommodation is another symptom of a government out of its depth with the housing crisis.

Senator Hoey said:

“It’s very troubling to read reports this morning that students are opting to stay in hotels due to a lack of affordable student accommodation throughout the country. The Minister has consistently failed to ensure that students have a safe and affordable place to live in during the college term. Earlier this month, I called on the Minister to work with institutions throughout the country to try and resolve the situation for students.

“We need to look at the housing stock and supply in areas of high-student density. The Minister needs to pick up the phone to his colleague in the Department of Housing and figure our a solution here. Due to remote learning cause by the pandemic, many landlords are now using the houses that were once available for students for other purposes leaving students in the lurch. This is a hugely frustrating for students. How can the Government stand over the situation we find ourselves in today?

“Ultimately, the situation we find ourselves in is a symptom of the lack of control, planning or indeed purpose with our housing strategy overall. Rather than having a coherent and cohesive plan for students, for families, for single people, this Government is failing to manage housing on the most basic of levels. What message does this send to the young people of Ireland, the future of our country? Students are right to believe that Ireland is no country for young people.”

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