Minister Ryan must clarify Metrolink timeline

20 September 2021

Following reports in the Mail on Sunday that MetroLink could be delayed by up to seven years, Labour transport spokesperson and Fingal TD Duncan Smith said the Minster must urgently respond to these reports and clarify the current timelines for the MetroLink project. Highlighting the importance of the project for assisting getting the economy back up and running while meeting our climate reduction targets, Deputy Smith said MetroLink must remain a Government priority.

Deputy Smith said:

“It would be simply unacceptable if the MetroLink project was delayed until 2034. Minister Ryan needs to urgently clarify what the current state of play with the project is. We need this project for the people of north County Dublin and Swords, and for the whole country. An affordable light rail link will not only reduce traffic from Swords to the city centre, but the MetroLink will also allow residents to commute quickly, cheaply and sustainably.

“Transport emissions only marginally decreased by 0.3% in the last year during the lockdowns and when people were encouraged to work from home. We are still far too dependent on private cars as a principal mode of transport in many parts of the city, particularly in my own constituency of Dublin Fingal where public transport options can be limited. I have repeatedly called on Minister Ryan to progress the project and have a business plan in place by 2021. Unfortunately, he has failed to do so. 

“As well as the urgent need for sustainable public transport, MetroLink just makes practical sense. There is a massive infrastructure deficit on the M1 Corridor with and we’re likely to see traffic return to being bumper to bumper once all workers return to the office. This has a knock on impact on all bus routes, including express services which can’t but avoid the congestion. On a bad morning, if there is a breakdown or an accident everything on the M1 just grinds to a halt. The Metrolink is the best solution to this problem because it will reduce traffic on the roads, while also quickly moving more people to the airport, Mater Hospital, and Dublin City Centre.

“The greater need for connectivity between the airport and the city centre has been discussed for years. MetroLink would be of immense benefit to the city as tourists return, easily connecting travellers from the airport to town. North County Dublin has waited long enough. There have been plenty of promises over the years, the time for action is now. Proceeding with MetroLink now, as planned, is of utmost importance to the entire city of Dublin.”

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