Workers can’t be forgotten as nightlife fully re-opens

22 October 2021

Speaking on the day that nightlife finally re-opens on a mass scale, Labour’s Arts and Culture spokesperson Senator Marie Sherlock wished all revellers, owners and workers in night clubs, bars and restaurants well. However, she encouraged revellers to remain respectful towards workers as places reopen without precise guidelines.

Senator Sherlock said:

“Premises will be opening up to cater to 100% capacity but with a large cloud of uncertainty hanging over how exactly premises can operate and how patrons must behave with regard to queuing and mask wearing.

“Our appeal is to respect all those working tonight and over the weekend; security staff, bar service, cleaners, management, musicians, DJs and production crew. It’s also important to note that many in hospitality & live events are far from highly paid.

“The lack of contingency planning by Government on the planned re-opening beggared belief and already we know of a number of gigs that had to reschedule from tonight. We now need to hear from Government precisely how they intend to resource additional enforcement of the covid passport rules. The scale of breach found to date has been alarming and pubs locally are telling us that patrons complain and compare with other more lax establishments when asked for the covid passport.

“We need to see all possible measures are taken to ensure high levels of respect and a willingness to comply. People’s livelihoods and their lives depend on this.”

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