Energy moratorium must be reinstated

Seán Sherlock TD
25 February 2022

With the potential massive hike in energy costs arising out of the Ukraine offensive and associated sanctions, Labour social protection spokesperson Sean Sherlock has demanded the reinstatement of the energy moratorium.

Deputy Sherlock said:

“We already know energy prices are soaring and that electricity and gas suppliers have already implemented multiple price increases that will cost households over €400. This is only going to rise. Over the last number of days we have already seen the price of oil rise to its highest level in more than seven years, and future gas prices jumping by 60% in just one day.

“I am calling on government to step up to the mark. They cannot continue to be on the backfoot on the cost of living crisis that is being felt by people throughout the country. Things are about to get even worse as a result of the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“In anticipation of energy price hikes it is time for the Commission to reinstate the energy moratorium. Already lifted too early, its immediate reinstatement is needed to protect the most vulnerable in society from the likely spike in energy prices which will obliterate the €200 energy rebate from government.”

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