Full embargo needed on Russian oil and gas

Ivana Bacik TD
04 April 2022
  • IPCC report once again highlights need to move to renewable energy

Labour leader Ivana Bacik has called for further sanctions as Russia continues to wage its illegal and devastating war on Ukraine.

Deputy Bacik said:

“As the brutal Russian invasion of a democratic European country continues, reporters in Ukraine have been providing evidence of utterly ruthless attacks on civilians and showing the devastation caused to people’s homes and cities throughout the country. The emerging reports about the carrying out of war crimes in Bucha, Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities now show the need for an escalation in our collective response.

“While we welcomed the expulsion of diplomatic staff from the Russian embassy last week, it’s clear that greater sanctions are needed. Ireland must continue to show its strong adherence to international law and human rights by moving fast to ban oil and gas imports from Russia. In order to do that, however, we must ensure that we do not look to other fossil fuels by way of replacement energy sources.

“As highlighted by the IPCC report due to be published today, we do not have any more time left to waste in ending our overreliance on oil and gas. For example, there are reports that nine liquefied natural gas terminals are due to be constructed on this island, with eight in this jurisdiction, over coming years, and that is concerning. Instead we should be looking at an urgent acceleration in the ramping up of our capacity to generate energy from renewable sources. Yet we are already seeing concerns being expressed by Wind Energy Ireland and others about how we can achieve renewable energy targets.

“We need to listen to the experts and move Ireland rapidly into a space where we can become a world leader on sustainable energy. The expulsion of Russian diplomats from the Irish Embassy last week shows that Ireland can act unilaterally. Now I am calling on the government to push for harder sanctions before the European Commission returns with its proposals at the end of this month.

“Ireland must now argue strongly within the EU for much stronger sanctions and actions against Russia, to include:

  • A full embargo on Russian oil and gas.
  • The exclusion of remaining Russian banks from the SWIFT system, and secondary sanctions to ensure existing measures cannot be sidestepped.
  • Speedy passage into law of Brendan Howlin’s Magnitsky legislation.
  • A ban on Russian ships docking in Ireland and in other EU ports.
  • The expulsion of the Russian Ambassador from Ireland.”

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