Government must respond to ongoing Russian war crimes

Ivana Bacik TD
09 April 2022
  • Bacik to attend lunchtime protest at Russian embassy.
  • Calls on people to contact Ministers and TDs to urge Government to expel Russian Ambassador.

Labour Party leader Ivana Bacik said today (Saturday, 9th April) the horrific attack by Russian forces on civilians at Kramatorsk train station was just the latest evidence of Russian war crimes, and that the Irish government must show leadership by expelling the Russian diplomatic mission from Ireland.

Deputy Bacik said:

“The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has horrified us all and each day brings new reports of more horrors and new evidence of more war crimes. The deliberate targeting of fleeing civilians at Kramatorsk train station is just the latest horrific act perpetrated on the people of Ukraine by the Russian army.

“Ireland must respond to these provocations and expel the Russian diplomatic mission from Ireland. The government cannot hide behind the shield of collective European action any longer. Lithuania has acted, and other members have expelled significantly more diplomats.

“Today I will again be protesting at the Russian embassy at lunchtime, and I would call on Irish people this weekend to contact their government TDs and Ministers, calling on them to expel the Ambassador.

“International law guarantees the safety of civilians in conflict and war. Bombing civilian targets such as hospitals or train stations amounts to committing a war crime. It really is as simple as that. We need an urgent initiation of investigations and prosecutions into Russian war crimes against civilians – including crimes of sexual violence against women and children.

“Labour believes that greater sanctions and a stronger stance against Putin’s aggression and criminality must be taken immediately- we have called for stronger measures to be taken, including a ban on all Russian ships docking in Irish ports and an embargo on all Russian oil and gas.

“At the outset of this illegal brutality 6 weeks ago, I called a protest outside the Russian Embassy. I called for the expulsion of the Russian ambassador. And I spoke about our solidarity with Ukraine. Since then, I haven’t stopped protesting against Russian aggression.

“Communities all across Ireland have joined in solidarity with Ukraine, as we roll out a welcome and offer sanctuary to refugees coming here to flee war and terror at home.

“Today, I will once again stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine outside the Russian Embassy to demand an immediate end to this savage and cruel war.”

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