Fight for better pay and conditions for PDFORRA members bolstered

Senator Mark Wall
24 May 2022

Labour defence spokesperson Mark Wall has welcomed the granting of associate status of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to PDFORRA. As a supporter of PDFORRA’s campaign to join with ICTU, Senator Wall said this move will be essential as members of the Defence Forces seek better pay and conditions.

Senator Wall said:

“Labour has long supported PDFORRA’s campaign to become an affiliate of ICTU and it is hugely welcome to see this come to fruition today. There is strength in numbers and through affiliation with ICTU, PDFORRA members will have a seat at the table for public service pay talks.

“The pay and conditions is the number one issue facing the Forces and this will be a game changer. The Labour Party firmly believe that all working people in this country need a pay rise. The recruitment and retention crisis in our Forces has been ongoing for some time. With plummeting numbers of new recruits, we hope that PDFORRA and ICTU can drive for meaningful change for Force members as well as to protecting the future viability of our armed forces.

“Through affiliation with ICTU, our Defence Forces will have a say on their pay, taxation, social welfare and health. The ability to highlight these, and other issues, in future negotiations will be crucial.”

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