DAA recruitment policy resulting in travel chaos

30 May 2022

Labour transport spokesperson and TD for Dublin Fingal said the so-called ‘right-sizing’ policy of staff in Dublin Airport has resulted in the chaos experienced by people over the weekend. With base levels of airport staff too low, and with pay and conditions for staff diminishing, Deputy Smith said the DAA must now look at the overall package staff are offered to hire and train new staff as soon as possible.

Deputy Smith said:

“We didn’t think the situation in the airport could get any worse than it has been over the last number of weeks, but it seems we reached a new point of chaos over the weekend with many people missing their flights, despite turning up many hours in advance of their flights.

“This predictable increase in travel demand should have been resourced and prepared for by the DAA and I am seriously concerned about what lies ahead for travellers over the Bank Holiday weekend.

“Over the last number of years, the DAA have been pursuing a policy of ‘right-sizing’ their staff which has essentially seen them downsize the workforce. This is having a huge impact on the morale of staff and indeed the recruitment and retention of staff which is leading to these issues.

“The airport traditionally was a very proud place to work but the conditions and pay have diminished so much that it’s now a very difficult place to work. The DAA need to appear before the Committee this week so we can see where the issues are and what can be done to expedite the process of getting security staff recruited. For example, the DAA need to explore if it would be possible to bring back staff that accepted voluntary redundancy on a short term basis to get through the next few weeks.

“Anyone travelling this coming weekend will be on tenterhooks. If this is not resolved, there will be huge reputational damage for Dublin airport and the country.”

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