Pre Christmas rushed planning legislation a power grab

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
13 December 2022
  • Broader reform needed with public consultation

Labour housing spokesperson Rebecca Moynihan said the agreed proposals from the Minister for Housing on planning reform is an effective power grab from the Department and is unnecessary.

Senator Moynihan said:

“We absolutely need a reform of our planning legislation but not like this. This is an effective power grab and wholly unnecessary. We have long called for reform of the planning process, but this must be carried out with public consultation.

“Given the allegations surrounding An Bord Pleanala in recent months, public confidence in the planning process is absolutely paramount. The effect of these reforms will be to rework access to judicial review. The reality is, people will actually be worse off for these changes. The Minister should be engaging with the public and rebuilding trust in the planning process.

“Unfortunately, we have a Minister for Housing who is more interested in making announcements than he is in actually delivering change. The rushed manner in which this has been presented today is reminiscent of the Strategic Housing Development legislation which was also rushed for pre-Christmas reform. It failed.”

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