Europe’s Accelerating Climate Crisis: Time for action, not denial

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
22 April 2024

Labour’s Climate Spokesperson Senator Rebecca Moynihan was today reacting to the alarming findings of the State of the Climate report from the EU Copernicus Climate Change Service. Released today, the report reveals that Europe is experiencing the fastest warming among all continents, with temperatures rising at twice the global rate. The impact is undeniable, with adverse health effects from extreme weather events on the rise.

Senator Moynihan said,
“The science is clear, and the urgency cannot be overstated. The three warmest years on record for Europe have all occurred since 2020, with the ten warmest since 2007. This is not a distant threat; it is a crisis unfolding before our eyes.

“A Just Transition is not only necessary but morally imperative. We must invest in communities most affected by climate action measures but we cannot allow climate denial by so called political leaders to take root. It is deeply troubling to witness certain political factions exploit these concerns for their gain. We must stand firm against such exploitation and prioritise support for frontline communities impacted by climate change.

“Climate change denial is not just ignorance; it’s dangerous. Despite the noisy minority of deniers, the overwhelming majority of the public demands a just transition. We cannot afford to entertain denialism any longer. Our planet and our future depend on swift and decisive action.

“Investing in our planet is investing in our future. Government must heed the urgent call from the State of the Climate report. The time for excuses and climate denial has passed. The time for action is now.”

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