Labour leader condemns shocking violence in Omagh

Ivana Bacik TD
23 February 2023

Labour leader Ivana Bacik has expressed her horror at the shocking news of a shooting in Omagh last night.

Deputy Bacik said:

“My thoughts and the thoughts of every person today will be with the officer, his family, friends and all those affected in the community by this awful shooting.

“I utterly condemn this appalling act of brutality and the callousness of its nature. This is an outrageous attack on a PSNI officer, the first such assault in 6 years.

“The cruelty of such an attack, accompanied by his young son, in front of other children, finishing up after a coaching at a sports complex, is beyond belief.

“I would urge all parties to now work to resolve the impasse on the Protocol and restore the functioning of democratic institutions in Northern Ireland because we know that unfortunately violence is more likely to develop in a political vacuum.”

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