Unconscionable that eviction ban lifted while Storm Agnes rages

Ivana Bacik TD
27 September 2023

Labour leader and housing spokesperson Ivana Bacik said it is beyond belief that Government will not reintroduce a winter eviction ban as homelessness rises.

Deputy Bacik said:

“Lifting the eviction ban was a catastrophic calculation on the part of this conservative coalition.

“Storm Agnes has arrived on our shores today, the first of the desperate winter weather, yet 12,847 people are living in homelessness – this figure doesn’t even fully capture the number of people sleeping rough on our streets tonight.

“The eviction ban must be reinstated.

“This Government put no contingency plans in place for people who are entering homelessness due to eviction from the private market. It shows utter contempt on the part of this Government.

“Rather than running scared from the issue, Government should be learning from best practice in other countries.

“Take Finland for example. Homelessness has fallen sharply following the introduction of a “Housing First” concept. People living in homelessness receive shelter and counselling with no preconditions. Four in every five people make their way back to stable living.

“Why can’t Ireland take the lead and embed compassion and care into our housing policy?

“Government figures in the media have made it abundantly clear that there is no intention to examine the reintroduction of the ban. It’s callous. It’s time for Government to row back, hold their hands up, admit they were wrong, and protect the hundreds and thousands of people living in housing distress. It’s time to reintroduce the eviction ban.”

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