Derelict Iveagh Markets require urgent State intervention

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
29 September 2023

Senator Rebecca Moynihan has called on the Government to work with Dublin City Council and take control of the Iveagh Markets to redevelop it urgently. The building has been left unused for decades, despite its potential to be a vibrant community hub.

Senator Moynihan said:

“The Iveagh Markets are a historic landmark in The Liberties however they have fallen into a serious state of dereliction. It is time for the Government and City Council to step up, redevelop the site and bring it back into use as a fully functional market in line with the history of the area.

“There’s a real need for market space in the area. Developing the Iveagh Markets would be a complete game changer for the Francis Street and Liberties area.

“The State previously announced that €9 million would be provided to redevelop the site, but this is not enough. A 2019 report found the site would cost at least €13 million to redevelop, which is not taking inflation of construction materials into account. This has dragged on for too long, urgent action is needed.

“The Iveagh Markets is one example of the Government’s inability to tackle dereliction. Vacancy and dereliction are a blight on our urban and rural communities. Labour have been calling on the Government to act on this important issue.”

Councillor Darragh Moriarty said “Iveagh Markets has been left to rot for too long. Dublin City Council, and the Government, need to intervene for the community in The Liberties.”

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