Low Pay Commission Moving at Snail’s Pace on Sub-Minimum Wage Rates

18 October 2023
  • Young workers deserve equal pay for equal work.

Labour Party’s spokesperson on Workers’ Rights Senator Marie Sherlock, has today criticised the Low Pay Commission for moving at a snail’s pace on sub-minimum wage rates.

Senator Sherlock said:

“The Low Pay Commission was requested to review the sub-minimum wage rates in 2022 and have today told the Oireachtas Committee on Employment that it won’t report until the end of this year. This is despite already receiving research from the Economic and Social Research Institute and stakeholder consultations during the summer. What is the hold up?

“For the almost 49,000 young workers on the National Minimum Wage, the continuance of sub-minimum rates is a matter of real inequality in the workplace and goes against any sense of equal pay for equal work.

“Young workers deserve equal pay for equal work. It is unacceptable that young workers aged under 20 may be paid as low as €9.04, despite being legal adults. Those aged 18 are only entitled to 80% of minimum wage at €9.04.

“The Low Pay Commission has been dragging its feet on this issue for far too long. I am calling on the Commission to expedite the publication of their report and to recommend the abolition of sub-minimum wage rates as soon as possible.”

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