Use or lose it – We need to Bring Vacant & Derelict Sites back into use

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
14 November 2023

Labour’s Senator Rebecca Moynihan, together with Labour Seanad colleagues, will bring a motion before the Seanad tomorrow calling for an immediate reform of the Compulsory Purchase Process to facilitate local authorities in acquiring vacant buildings.

Senator Moynihan said:

“We need to introduce use it or lose it rules for empty homes and buildings and reinvigorate our towns through tackling vacancy and dereliction. We need to make it easier for local authorities to take action on vacant buildings. The current compulsory purchase process is too slow and cumbersome. We must act decisively to reclaim these spaces for the benefit of our society.

“It’s unacceptable to witness the stagnation of properties and land that could serve as homes or spaces for communal activities. Our communities are in dire need of affordable housing and accessible areas for collective use, and the time to act is now.”

“We cannot afford to let valuable spaces remain dormant while our communities face housing shortages and lack essential spaces for communal development. It is imperative that the Compulsory Purchase Process is reformed to streamline the acquisition of vacant properties by local authorities.”

In conclusion, Senator Moynihan calls upon her colleagues in the Seanad to support the Labour motion. “Vacant or derelict properties must be seen as opportunities for rejuvenation rather than symbols of neglect.”

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