Statement from Labour leader Ivana Bacik

Ivana Bacik TD
23 November 2023

Across the country, we are all lost for words this evening.

Nothing can convey in strong enough terms how much we all – across communities – are sending strength and hope for a full recovery to those who have been attacked, to their families, friends – and to witnesses too.

Every parent is holding their children close tonight, and thinking of those parents who are enduring the worst times any of us can imagine.

Violence is no answer to the horror which has taken place.

We all feel sadness today – and anger.

But it is time to go home, or to somewhere safe.

Fringe elements in Ireland have sought to turn a tragedy into an opportunity. They have fomented violence that has destroyed public property, injured gardai and made thousands of residents of this city fearfully.

In our capital city, tonight ordinary workers – bus and Luas drivers, shop assistants, those trying to get home after a days work have had to endure terrifying scenes.

I want to thank the GardaĆ­ for their service tonight, for preserving a crime scene and standing up to that violence.

Hate will never win.

As a city we have experienced a tragedy.

As a city we will respond with dignity and justice.

I know I speak for the vast majority of Dubliners in saying this.

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