We need to remunicipalise Ireland’s waste management system

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
28 November 2023

Senator Rebecca Moynihan, has issued a pressing call for immediate action following the EPA report today that Ireland is set to fall short of meeting crucial EU recycling targets.

Senator Moynihan said:

“Recent statistics indicate a worrying trend, highlighting the urgent need for a significant overhaul in waste management practices and a robust governmental commitment to environmental sustainability.

“The failure to meet EU recycling targets is deeply concerning and reflective of the inadequate waste management practices in Ireland. We urgently call for the remunicipalisation of waste services. The current system has proven ineffective, with recycling rates stubbornly stagnant. It’s time for increased efforts and immediate government intervention.

“We must emphasise that there is a free green bin for citizens to encourage recycling habits. However, this initiative must be accompanied by substantial government investment in the circular economy, fostering innovative solutions and sustainable practices.

“We urge Government to empower our local authorities to step forward and reclaim responsibility for bin collection. Remunicipalisation of waste services will allow for greater control and accountability, leading to more efficient and environmentally responsible practices.”

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