Thalidomide Survivors in Ireland deserve a State Apology

Ivana Bacik TD
29 November 2023

Labour Leader Ivana Bacik TD has called on the Irish government to act following the recent state apology extended to Thalidomide survivors in Australia.

Deputy Bacik said:

“There is a pressing need for a similar act of contrition from the Irish state towards the approximate 40 Thalidomide survivors in Ireland who have endured years of neglect and denial.

“The Australian government’s apology to Thalidomide survivors underscores the moral imperative for Ireland to follow suit. For far too long, the Irish survivors of this tragedy have been denied acknowledgement for the grievous harm caused by the Thalidomide scandal. It is time for Government to take a decisive step towards reconciliation by offering a formal apology to these survivors, acknowledging their pain, and recognising the profound impact this tragedy has had on their lives.

“An apology from the Irish government is not just a symbolic gesture, it is a fundamental step towards acknowledging the state’s role in this tragedy and demonstrating a commitment to justice and compassion for these survivors. It is imperative that we ensure they receive the care, support, and recognition they deserve.

“The time for hesitation or denial has passed. I implore Government to take immediate action and extend a sincere apology to these survivors and their families. Let us not perpetuate their suffering by our inaction but instead, let us strive to right this historical wrong and provide the closure these individuals rightfully deserve.”

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