Government must scale up not cut back the Solar Panel Grant

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
02 December 2023

Senator Rebecca Moynihan, Labour’s Climate spokesperson, has expressed concern over the regressive steps taken by Government by cutting grants for residential solar panels.

Senator Moynihan said:

“It is astounding that at a time when we are acutely aware, as highlighted by the Climate Change Advisory Council, of our looming shortfall in achieving the 2030 emissions targets, Government is diminishing a program pivotal in reducing emissions.

“The provision of solar energy is not merely an environmental imperative but an essential tool in alleviating the financial burdens faced by homeowners grappling with skyrocketing utility bills.

“We don’t need cuts, we need an increase in support for homeowners, empowering them to embrace renewable energy solutions like solar. This is not a time for ‘people can do it themselves’; this is a time for robust action, time for Government to step up and spearhead initiatives that propel us toward a sustainable future.

“I’m urging Government to reconsider and reverse its decision on ending grants for residential solar panels. Bold action is imperative to confront the climate crisis effectively, and this begins with unwavering governmental support for renewable energy initiatives.”

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