Alarming Increase in Housing Struggles Among Older People Highlighted by Alone and Threshold, Urgent Government Action Needed

Ivana Bacik TD
24 January 2024

Labour Party Leader Ivana Bacik TD was today reacting to the news that of a 40% increase in the numbers of older people experiencing housing difficulties, compared with last year.

Deputy Bacik said:

“We’ve heard today from Alone and Threshold the distressing housing reality that exists for older citizens in Ireland. Over the past year, there has been a shocking 40% increase in older people experiencing housing difficulties, including a surge in eviction notices, rising rental costs, poor living conditions, and even homelessness. These findings shed light on the dire consequences of the government’s failure to address the housing crisis affecting our elderly population.

“It is deplorable to learn that our older citizens are facing such profound challenges in securing access to stable and dignified housing. The numbers are not just statistics; they represent vulnerable individuals dealing with eviction threats, unaffordable rentals, and inadequate living conditions. This demands immediate attention and robust action from Government.

“It is imperative that Government allocates further resources to the housing adaptation grant scheme. This initiative can play a crucial role in facilitating necessary adjustments to homes, making them suitable for our ageing population and preventing unnecessary hardships.

“Renting is not seen as a long-term option for many people. We need to change this. Many renters live in fear of so-called ‘no-fault’ evictions, a practice that needs to end now by restricting the grounds for evictions as Labour’s Renter’s Rights Bill seeks to do. Labour’s rental rights bill provides essential protections and rights for those facing precarious housing situations, ensuring a more secure and dignified living environment for older citizens.

“In light of these alarming findings, we call on Government to acknowledge the urgency of the situation. Immediate action is needed to address the housing crisis faced by our older citizens. Government must prioritise and invest in the housing adaptation grant scheme, and we urge all lawmakers to support Labour’s rental rights bill. Our elderly population deserves better, and it is time for Government to act decisively to provide them with the security and dignity they deserve.”

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