Housing for All progress report must include more ambitious targets

Ivana Bacik TD
24 January 2024

In advance of the publication of the Housing for All progress report, Labour leader and housing spokesperson has demanded that Government publish the Housing Commission report into the true level of housing need in Ireland.

Deputy Bacik said:

“The Housing for All progress report will not be worth the paper it’s written on if it does not take account of the true level of housing need. Delivery of housing supply remains slow, but the target of 38,450 set for 2024 will not address the real demand in the market.

“As we know, this Government has utterly failed on ensuring adequate delivery of homes. In 2022, only 6,500 social homes were delivered, well below the Government target of 9,000. The Minister remains far too reliant on private developers to pick up the pieces and is failing to treat housing like the crisis it is.

“While we await the report due to be published tomorrow, I am renewing my call upon the Government to publish the Housing Commission report into the true level of housing need. It has been sitting on the Minister’s desk for over six months, and if it is not published now, it too will soon be out of date.

“It has been widely reported that the Housing Commission report will recommend increasing annual targets to over 50,000 new builds per year, a figure much closer to the real level of need.

“Government cannot shirk away from this. The CFI has confirmed to the media that the capacity exists within the labour market to deliver up to 60,000 homes per year.

“The only thing preventing the adoption of real measures to address the affordability and supply crisis in the market is political will.

“The Minister and this Government need to step in and step up. They must publish the Housing Commission report tomorrow and set a credible target for delivery of much-needed homes.”


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