Student Housing Scandal: 51-Week Leases spark outrage

Senator Annie Hoey image
01 February 2024

Labour’s Further Education spokesperson Senator Annie Hoey has expressed deep concern over the shocking decision by one of Dublin’s largest private student landlords, Hines, to extend lease lengths for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Under this controversial move, students are now compelled to commit to a 51-week tenancy, a staggering 10 weeks longer than the standard lease for the current academic year. This unilateral decision not only places an undue burden on students but also underscores the urgency for government intervention in the student housing crisis.

Senator Hoey said:

“These exploitative tactics by Hines, a highly profitable property investment fund, are an affront to student welfare and financial stability. It is unacceptable for students to be coerced into paying for accommodation during months they do not require, especially in the face of rising living costs and financial constraints.

“Labour have been calling on Government to take decisive action to alleviate the growing student housing crisis. I have called for a dedicated package of €100 million in the Budget, to be invested annually in public student accommodation.

“It is imperative for students to be aware that despite these unjust lease extensions, Residential Tenancies Board  rules still apply. If tenants wish to terminate a tenancy, they should follow the specified notice periods – 28 days for tenancies less than 6 months and 35 days for tenancies of 6 months to 1 year. However, it is regrettable that it has come to this point where students must navigate legalities to reclaim their rights.

“Urgent measures are needed to rectify this exploitative situation and ensure that the rights and needs of students are prioritised. Together, let us advocate for affordable, accessible, and fair student housing, sending a clear message that the future of our students cannot be compromised.”

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