As Paris leads by example Government need to tackle car bloat in cities and towns

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
06 February 2024

Labour’s Climate Spokesperson Senator Rebecca Moynihan today follow the actions of Parisians and take action to tackle car bloat in our urban areas.

Senator Moynihan said

“With SUVs gaining popularity, their disproportionate contribution to pollution demands immediate attention. Government urgently need to address the issue of car bloat in Irish cities. Parisians’ recently voted to triple parking costs for SUVs, Government should outline what takes it can take to follow suit

“The surge in SUV ownership exacerbates our environmental concerns. We know from the Climate Change Advisory Council that ambitions have not been matched by actions. As it stands, we have already reached 50% of our 2030 emissions ceiling. This indicates a critical need for robust measures to curb car bloat.

“We in Labour have been advocating for an SUV tax akin to France’s model, factoring in weight and size. Such a levy, integrated into Vehicle Registration Tax and annual motor tax systems, would deter oversized vehicle ownership and could be used to mitigate their adverse impacts. We know that Eamon Ryan is committed to making our urban streets safer but we also need to put a light under the rest of government to support him in this.

“In light of Paris’s initiative, I’m calling on Government to emulate the French approach and implement heightened parking fees for SUVs in urban areas. This, together with Labour’s proposed SUV Tax measure, would incentivise sustainable transportation choices and mitigate the detrimental effects of car bloat on our environment.

On the day that the European Commission is producing a roadmap on carbon neutrality, We should push the  EU level to bring in size standards for private cars because if this trend continues we will supersize our way out of action on transport.”


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