Urgent decision by Government needed on Housing Grants

Senator Mark Wall
07 February 2024

Labour’s Senator Mark Wall, representing the people of Kildare South, was today highlighting the pressing issue of inadequate housing aid grants and housing adaption grants.

With limits of €30,000 for the housing adaptation grant and €8,000 for housing aid, families are left struggling to bridge the significant financial gap required for essential home upgrades. The dire consequences of this shortfall are increasingly evident as citizens face insurmountable obstacles in accessing crucial support for their housing needs.

Senator Wall said,

“The current housing grant limits are insufficient to meet the rising costs of home adaptations. We cannot turn a blind eye to the needs of vulnerable individuals. This issue is not just about financial constraints; it’s about ensuring dignity, independence, and safety for those most in need within our communities.

“I’ve encountered firsthand the heartbreaking stories of individuals like the lady in Newbridge, County Kildare, who has been offered a grant of €30,000 but faces building quotes exceeding €58,000. These families are forced into impossible situations, where basic necessities become unattainable luxuries. It’s unacceptable that the very people these grants aim to assist are left abandoned due to insufficient funding.

“Housing aid and adaptation grants are to be welcomed and, enable them to age in place and maintain their independence. We must prioritise the well-being of our citizens by ensuring adequate resources are allocated to these vital programs.

“I’m calling on Government to urgently reassess and increase funding for housing adaptation grants and housing aid. They must recognise the urgency of the situation and allocate the necessary resources to ensure that vulnerable individuals and families receive the support they desperately need to live with dignity and security in their own homes.”

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