Further Evidence of Upstairs Downstairs Culture in RTÉ

Ivana Bacik TD
15 February 2024

Labour Leader Ivana Bacik TD today at Leaders Questions has condemned the alarming revelations surrounding the culture at the top levels of RTÉ.

Deputy Bacik said

“We know that many RTÉ employees are denied fair wages, pensions, holidays, and maternity leave due to being trapped in bogus self-employment contracts, while we see an exorbitant retirement payment signed off for the former Chief Financial Officer. Those who keep the wheels turning, the staff on the ground, are the most demoralised by these revelations.

“RTÉ’s treatment of workers classified as bogus self-employed is unacceptable. These hard working individuals deserve equal rights and fair treatment, including access to pensions, holidays, and maternity leave. These workers are paying for the flaithiúlach approach of those at the top – an indefensible ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ culture persists.

“We in Labour stand firmly behind decent investment in public service broadcasting. But we must ensure that all RTÉ employees are treated fairly and that the organisation operates with transparency and integrity.

“As Trevor Keegan, Chair of the NUJ trade union group at RTÉ, rightly pointed out, the impending redundancies at RTÉ loom large, and these anxieties are only exacerbated by the lack of transparency.

“In light of these revelations, urgent action must be taken to address the systemic issues within RTÉ’s employment practices.”

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