Stalling increased housing targets until after June elections a cop out

06 March 2024

Labour’s finance spokesperson Ged Nash has slammed Government for its failure to increase and update its housing targets immediately.

Deputy Nash said:

“It’s simply incredible that Government is holding back the publication of the National Planning Framework, which informs housing requirements, until it receives updated population projections from the ESRI.

“They are never found lacking when it comes to excuses on the housing crisis.

“It is clear to me that this is all to do with timing. They know fine well that their anaemic housing plans and targets are nowhere near sufficient to meet demand.

“Put simply, they are running scared. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael won’t admit that what we need are 50,000 new homes a year and they are not prepared to admit this reality until they’re out the local and European election gap.

“We already know that we are simply not delivering enough homes for people. With over 4,000 children living in homelessness, it is shameful that this Government is failing to radically increase and speed up the delivery of homes.

“Many expert reports already published show the need to build at least 50,000 new homes annually. The dogs on the street know this. The Government can focus on spin and bluster as much as they want. They are failing to provide the most fundamental need of people.

“The Census shows that our population is due to rise above 5 million people. This figure alone should be enough to give Government the impetus to drive on and increase targets. I have serious concerns about Housing for All, or this Government, being able to provide enough targeted housing on an annual basis.”

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