We need accessible baby formula for all families

Senator Rebecca Moynihan
22 March 2024

Labour’s Senator Rebecca Moynihan today welcomed Tesco Ireland’s announcement of a price reduction in the cost of leading baby formula brands. 

Senator Moynihan said, 

“The very basics of being able to feed your baby should be the metric on which every society is judged. The staggering 30% increase in baby formula prices since 2020 is unacceptable, particularly for low-income households who are severely  impacted. And while Tesco Ireland’s announcement is to be welcomed, it shouldn’t be left to the goodwill of large retailers to reduce prices. Infant formula should be widely available, low cost with income support available to families who need it.

“Parents shouldn’t bear the unjust burden of exorbitant costs, and it is the government’s duty to intervene and ensure that essential products remain affordable for all families. Access to affordable baby formula is not a luxury but a necessity, and the current price surge threatens the well-being of families already struggling to make ends meet.

“Formula feeding is a legitimate choice for many families, and it’s crucial that they have access to affordable options before their child reaches six months of age. It’s not our place to judge how parents choose to feed their babies and refuse to intervene in the formula market; rather, it’s our responsibility to ensure they have access to widely available low cost formula, with income support for those that need it. 

“Last month I wrote to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to conduct a thorough investigation into the alarming increase in baby formula prices. While they disappointingly declined, I’m calling on them to fulfil their duty and investigate the issue thoroughly. Every parent deserves access to affordable and high-quality nutrition for their infants.”


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