Govt and Independents set to make grubby deal to cling to power

29 March 2024
  • Labour says it’s time for a General Election
  • Three Taoisigh in one Dáil term risks devaluing the highest of offices

Labour finance spokesperson Ged Nash has called on Independent TDs to vote against the status quo on Tuesday 9th April.

Deputy Nash said:

“From housing to health, to the cost of living, to the watering down of planned improvements to workers’ rights, it’s time for this Government to go.

“In less than two weeks, every TD will have their chance to have their say and to show which side they’re on.

“We are urging all TDs to listen to the public and vote against the election of Simon Harris to the office of An Taoiseach.

“With the election of three Taoisigh in one term, Fine Gael frankly risks diminishing and devaluing the currency and authority of the Office of Taoiseach, and all for another few months in office.

“I’m putting it up to the so-called Independent TDs in particular who are in reality de facto government voting lobby fodder.

“We already know that this Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil conservative coalition are no stranger to doing a grubby deal with Independent TDs to cling to power.

“The public have had enough. Last year, Labour put down a motion of no confidence in this Government following its persistent failings in housing. Rather than facing the music, Government crafted a cheap deal with Independent TDs to the tune of €12 million of taxpayers’ money.

“There’s just no depths that this Government won’t plunge to in order to keep the trappings of high office.

“Now’s not the time for the status quo. Too many people are falling behind. The Budget books have never been better, but so many people have never felt poorer.

“Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have recently set another shameful another record on homelessness. Almost 14,000 people officially have nowhere to live. This includes over 4,000 children. Meanwhile in communities up and down the country we see a plethora of vacant and derelict properties. It’s outrageous and immoral.

“This Government just does not get it. Nothing will change for ordinary people under Simon Harris’ leadership.

“Already, we hear Fine Gael pandering to the business lobby in a bid to save a few Council seats, rather than focusing on our infrastructure which is creaking at the seams and the real structural problems holding back this rich country’s progress.

“We need a General Election now. No TD should stand in the way of the public on this. It’s time for real leadership to build an Ireland that works for all.”

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