Labour Slams Fine Gael’s Empty Promises on Housing and Workers’ Rights

08 April 2024
  • Fine Gael’s hypocrisy hurts workers
  • Record homelessness, rents, and prices persist
  • Temporary Taoiseach’s promises ring hollow

Labour’s Finance Spokesperson, Deputy Ged Nash TD, criticises Fine Gael’s “make work pay” rhetoric, amidst worsening conditions for workers.

Deputy Nash said;

“As the Simon Harris coronation takes centre stage, we see record homelessness, rents, and house prices, with no tangible solutions in sight. Fine Gael’s promises to make work pay are nothing but hollow words when in reality they plan to roll back on modest workers’ rights pledges like a European style sick leave entitlements.

“Serious question marks also arise over the mood music being piped out over the pace of moves towards a real living wage.

“Today we saw from the report a stark reminder of Government’s singular failure on the housing crisis. Fine Gael’s feeble attempts are not only inadequate but insulting to those struggling to make ends meet. Their over-reliance on private development exacerbates the housing crisis, leaving countless individuals without access to safe, affordable housing. The temporary Taoiseach’s new empty promises contradict the actions of the government he’s been part of, perpetuating the cycle of neglect.

“All he had to offer in his Ard Fheis speech was five more years of the poorly targeted and inflationary Help To Buy Scheme.

“Labour has a clear vision for housing. We demand urgent measures, including the deep retrofitting and revitalisation of 50,000 homes annually, alongside the construction of 50,000 new homes with the support of a State housing company. These steps are imperative to address the housing emergency plaguing our nation, unlike the half-hearted efforts of Fine Gael and this Government.

“The temporary Taoiseach may talk about making work pay, but the reality is that his Government’s policies harm workers who are the taxpayers of this country. Nobody should be taken in by the lazy tax cuts pledge. This is not the answer for working people. We call on government to take immediate action and prioritise the needs of the people over empty rhetoric.”

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