Labour launches Worker’s Manifesto for local election candidates

01 May 2024

Labour’s Workers’ Rights Spokesperson Senator Marie Sherlock and Labour Trade Unionists will launch a Worker’s Manifesto later today (Wednesday 1st May) with a bold plan to boost the pay packets of all workers and ensure people are protected from unscrupulous employers at every level in Ireland.

Senator Sherlock said:

“Now more than ever, we need a clear and strong voice for working people at a local level. This means collective bargaining rights and the right to access trade unions for every worker contracted to do work with a local authority and council workers themselves. It means stronger social clauses in all council contracts, mandating decent pay and conditions for every worker involved and creating workplaces and working conditions free from all forms of harassment.”

Local Labour election candidate for Ratoath in Meath East, Eilish Balfe said: “If elected, I will be campaigning to ensure that my local and surrounding areas have Living Wage initiatives and that local Fair Trade initiatives are properly incentivised at council level. Our party was founded to stand with the working people of Ireland. To protect and create good jobs, to pay decent pensions, to build homes for people, and to win better working conditions for all who call Ireland home.”

Local Labour election candidate for Clane in Kildare North Eoin Coates, said: “Our Labour Trade Unionists Workers Manifesto is our plan to improve the lives of workers across Ireland, with a vision on how we will boost wages, strengthen working conditions and guarantee rights at work from day one. We want to see Equality Impact Assessments rolled out across every council in the country and to make sure mental health and physical health in our workplaces as treated as one in the same.”

Senator Sherlock concluded: “The time for action is now. We call on local election candidates to stand with us, to champion the rights of workers, and to ensure an Ireland that works for workers.”

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