Labour to launch Local and European Election Candidates

Senator Mark Wall
10 May 2024
  • Labour’s candidate launch for local, European and Mayor of Limerick elections

Labour’s Director of Elections for the local elections, Senator Mark Wall was speaking ahead of Labour’s candidate launch on Sunday.

Senator Wall said:

“Communities across the nation are crying out for dedicated representatives who will roll up their sleeves and get to work. At the Ashling Hotel on Sunday we will proudly introduce our 109 local candidates, 3 European Candidates and Mayoral Candidate for Limerick who will pledge to create communities that work for all:

  • To build homes and end vacancy and dereliction;
  • Fix roads, footpaths and deliver more cycle lanes;
  • Improve access to parks, pitches and local amenities;
  • Work to ensure towns and villages are autism friendly.

“Too many families feel abandoned by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, who turn a blind eye to the real struggles of everyday people. Labour is committed to tackling the pressing issues head-on: from ensuring timely access to healthcare to providing affordable and social housing. Our candidates are ready to deliver meaningful change.

“Labour councillors have a proven track record of championing our shared environment. We have advocated tirelessly for autism-friendly initiatives, prioritised better footpaths and cycle lanes, and fought for increased access to public transport. We are unwavering in our commitment to tackle the housing crisis and focusing on vacant and derelict properties.

“At the launch on Sunday, we will be calling on people to vote Labour number one on June 7th to ensure real change. Together, let’s build a future where no one is left behind, where every voice is heard, and where our community works for all.”


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