Labour launches 108 local election candidates to deliver communities that work for all

Ivana Bacik TD
12 May 2024
  • 108 candidates across 27 local authorities 
  • Contesting all European constituencies 
  • Pledges to build homes, tackle roads and build sustainable communities 

Today, (Sunday 12th May), Labour unveiled 108 candidates contesting the local elections nationwide on June 7th.

Launching Labour’s candidates for the local and European elections, Labour leader Ivana Bacik said now more than ever, communities need representatives that will focus on solving local issues.

Labour Party local candidates pledge to create communities that work for all:

  • To build homes and end vacancy and dereliction;
  • Fix roads, footpaths and deliver more cyclelanes;
  • Improve access to parks, pitches and local amenities;
  • Work to ensure towns and villages are autism friendly. 

Speaking at the launch, Deputy Bacik said:

“Far too many people feel left behind by this Government. Every community is experiencing the impact of this Government’s failure to build homes and tackle vacancy and dereliction head on.

“Young people are either living in their childhood bedroom or paying above and beyond the odds for rents; families live in fear of eviction or are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments as they face the double whammy of the housing and cost of living crisis.

“Meanwhile, if you walk around any town or village nationwide, you see the awful sight of empty or derelict houses that could be used as homes or community spaces for people. It’s time to stop ignoring this problem and finally do something about it.

“Labour candidates are working in their communities to help tackle the housing disaster at a local level, and I’m asking people to vote number one for Labour Party candidates on June 7th.

“We will fight for better communities, for communities that work for all.”

Director of Elections for the local elections Senator Mark Wall said:

“Local representatives are the backbone of communities throughout the country. They are the first in line to identify issues and solve problems. They are the real drivers of change.

“Labour Councillors will put communities back at the heart of local government.

“Too many people feel left behind by this Government who are failing to tackle the real issues facing people like proper access to timely health care, affordable and social housing and better, cleaner local environments.

“Labour Party councillors have a track record of improving our shared environments, through advocating for autism friendly towns, better footpaths and cycle lanes and increased access to public transport, as well as pushing local authorities to tackle the housing crisis through focusing on vacant and derelict properties.

“We are asking communities to vote number one for their Labour candidate. If elected to represent their community, Labour Councillors will work tirelessly to ensure that local councils are getting the basics right.

“We want a larger portion of local council budgets allocated to basic council services, so that they are delivered for everyone, in every community. We will seek ambitious annual performance targets from Council management that can be communicated to local communities, and then monitored for delivery.

“Vote Labour number one on June 7th to deliver real change for communities that work for all.”

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