Single people left out of housing policies

Senator Annie Hoey image
20 May 2024

Labour’s Senator Annie Hoey calls for urgent government action to address the dire state of the rental market in Ireland, as highlighted in the recent report. The report reveals that rents now consume more than half of the average salary, with the availability of rental homes stagnating.

Senator Hoey said, 

“Our dysfunctional housing market has let down too many people. Accessing affordable, secure housing is becoming impossible for far too many, especially for single individuals who face systemic discrimination in the housing market. The government’s current policies are built on the outdated assumption that everyone should aspire to couple up. This is not reflective of modern society where being single is a legitimate and often long-term choice.

“Single people are particularly disadvantaged. The market is structured in a way that discriminates against those who are not in a couple, making home ownership an unattainable dream for many.

“Every time the government talks about housing, it is predicated on joint incomes. This leaves single individuals struggling to keep up in a market that assumes everyone has a dual income. Single people aren’t transient and they aren’t just young. Being single isn’t merely a stage of life that people should want to move out of. Home ownership is a legitimate aspiration for all people – single or married, young or old. We need to implement policies that support collective approaches to home ownership for low and middle-income earners.

“It is time for the government to overhaul its housing policies to ensure they are inclusive and fair. We need to recognise and support the diverse living arrangements in modern society. Home ownership must be a realistic and achievable goal for all, regardless of relationship status. Government must act now to increase rental supply, control rising rents, and create pathways for single individuals to achieve home ownership. The time for change is now.”


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