Time to address housing crisis with real action

Ivana Bacik TD
24 June 2024

Labour Leader and spokesperson on housing Ivana Bacik TD has responded to the latest Daft report showing that prices sought for homes across the country rose by an average of 3.8% between April and June when compared to the previous quarter. Bacik emphasised the urgent need for a radical overhaul of housing policy, criticising the Government’s failed approach and outlining Labour’s vision for a sustainable housing future.

Deputy Bacik said, “Today’s Daft report is yet another clear indication that the Government’s housing strategy is not working. The average price increase of 3.8% between April and June starkly highlights how out of touch the current administration is with the real needs of our citizens. The Government’s ‘Housing for All’ plan has failed on all metrics: house prices are up, homelessness is up, and evictions are up.

“During the local and european election campaign, we heard the same message loud and clear from people across the country – we need housing, housing, and affordable housing. The Government’s inability to control housing costs is causing widespread distress and insecurity. It’s time for a change.

“Labour has long advocated for increased state involvement in housing delivery and we have a vision for housing. We propose allocating an additional €1.45 billion in capital for housing delivery. Our plan is comprehensive: we will protect renters, end speculative land hoarding, and double the state’s delivery of cost rental and affordable housing. These measures are crucial to ensure that every person has access to a safe, secure, and affordable home.

“The current Government has repeatedly shown that they cannot manage the housing crisis effectively. It is evident that without substantial state intervention, the housing market has spiralled out of control.

“We need urgent and decisive action now. Labour is calling for the immediate injection of state resources into building public housing. The time for half-measures and ineffective policies is over. Our citizens deserve better, and Labour is ready to deliver on our promise of affordable, secure, and sustainable housing that works for all.”

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