Why I got involved in politics

As a qualified Nurse and coming from Northern Ireland I could see that there was a two tier system in operation here and particularly in the Health System.

I felt that maybe I could in
some way make a contribution to help redress this situation for the betterment of everyone.

I have always believed that socially and economically there was an imbalance in this respect between the different social classes in society and that there should be much more balance and fairness.

I always had an interest in current affairs, particularly local affairs, and was attracted to what was going on in the local community.

I wanted to see what I could do to help with the needs of ordinary and more vulnerable people and reduce the inequities that existed.

I felt that politics would offer me the opportunity to do this and and help people in the community.

Having no real family history in politics and looking at all the political parties, Labour, I felt offered me the best opportunity to satisfy my political philosophy and allow me to work in the community for the welfare of all.

My priorities

One of my major concerns is for the future growth and development of Naas as a centre of commercial activity and an attractive place for people to live in and to visit.

I believe that the rejuvenation of local commercial activity is crucial for the future of the town.

Retail business is suffering due to competition from the larger outlets outside the town.

More emphasis should be placed on developing brown field sites in the town and regenerating vacant buildings for use by local retail.

We need a major brand name supermarket in the town to attract more footfall, bring more people into the town and the smaller outlets will benefit from the spin offs.

The soul has gone out of the town. Practically all the retail buildings in the town only occupy the ground floor, we should be encouraging people to come back and live in the town by offering suitable incentives.

Naas needs an Inner Relief Road to help alleviate traffic congestion in the town. I have been working hard to have this project approved.

Naas has a unique history and heritage which could be much better harnessed and exploited to attract visitors to the town, footfall would benefit all, retailers and residents alike. We should aggressively develop the Castle and Canal Quarters to this end. We have the natural amenities, they just need developed.

I have been at the forefront in supporting the decision and efforts to provide a new Library and Community Centre in Naas. The Town Hall is being renovated and developed into a modern day Library which will include a community centre to promote community involvement for the residents and visitors to the town.

Housing like everywhere else is a major issue and the council needs to be much more proactive in providing suitable accommodation and importantly affordable housing at that.

School places are an issue and we need to push to ensure that this problem does not get out of control. In parallel, we need doctors and professional services to meet the need of an increasing population.

Anti social behaviour is increasing and we need more real Garda presence on the streets which I am continually lobbying for.

My background

Political Career

  • Have been a member of the Labour Party for over 16 years
  • Elected to Naas Town Council in June 2009
  • Elected to Nass Municipal District Council /KCC June 2014
  • Elected to Naas Municipal District Council /KCC June 2019

My professional background is in nursing and after qualifying as a nurse in Larne and Omagh, I worked for many years as a nurse in Armagh, Tyrone, Antrim and Dublin.

Despite having a family of seven I have always found time to get involved in local affairs and the community.

I have and still do serve on the Board of Management of my local school, I am a member of the Local Residents Association and I am involved in Neighbourhood Watch.

I am a member of the Naas Twinning Group helping promote interaction and sharing with other towns.

As a qualified nurse I am an attendant nurse with the Franciscan Pilgrimage to Lourdes every year working with the sick in the hospital.

As Chairperson of the Naas & District Community Alert Group, I work to facilitate providing grant aid for socially monitored alarms to the elderly.

I have a great interest in local history and as such I am a member of the Naas and Clane Local History Groups and also a member of the National Federation of Local History Societies.

In am currently a member of the KCC Decade of Commemoration Committee,

I have served for many years on the Kildare Monuments Committee.

With regard to Naas Municipal District Council /Kildare County Council I have served on many committees with special emphasis on Environment, signage, Housing & Social Policy, Joint policing and have been on the LTACC Travellers Committee for many years serving as chairperson. I am on the Board of the RHO of the HSE and also the board of the Local Leader Programme.

I am a member of the the special committee who organise the Christmas lighting , Santa Claus and Christmas festivities for the town.

Clubs and Committees

  • SPC Committee - Environment KCC
  • LTACC - Traveller Committee KCC
  • Board Member - Leader Programme
  • RHO HSE Committee Member
  • Board Member - Naas Community College
  • Decade of Commemorations Committee KCC
  • Clane Local History Group Member
  • Federation of Local History Societies Member
  • Mercy Associates Member