Meetings by appointment

Why I got involved in politics

I am a community activist in Cobh and have worked with groups and clubs for many years.

I am also a strong trade union member and I enjoy helping people to resolve issues and to ensure that they get what they are entitled to.

Becoming a county councillor has allowed me to ensure I can help more people in a bigger variety of areas.

My priorities

I want to ensure that people who contact me get their just entitlements. I want to ensure my areas get their share of grants from the county council and that plans are developed to improve as many areas as possible.

I am working to improve the infrastructure in Cobh as well as ensuring that the road and footpath network is improved.

More social housing is a huge challenge and I am working daily on this.

I want to be a strong voice for people.

My background

I was co-opted approx 8 years ago to replace John Mulvihill . I went on to get elected twice.

I work in Pfizer Pharm. here in cork and its a balancing act to work a full time job and to be a county councillor at the same time.

Clubs and Committees

Cobh Youth Services ltd, Cobh Museum, Great Island Community Centre,Springfield Ramblers schoolboy club.