Why I got involved in politics

Growing up I always had an interest in the world around me and noticed the different ways in which social classes would engage or treat different sections of the community.

It is quite obvious that with each passing decade the divide between those who have and those who don't have is growing at a vast rate. I want to be part of a movement where we have an equitable opportunity to recognise the value of all individuals and workers and that their rights are protected and progressed.

To me the Labour Party has demonstrated itself as being very consistent in successfully campaigning for individual rights such as divorce, repeal the 8th, same sex marriage, without the often alone and championing voice of the Labour party many citizens would not have these freedoms today.

It is sometimes forgotten that the Labour party was set up to act as the political arm of the Trade Union movement and while many achievements have been hard won in the area of work during the last century there still remains a fight to retain and indeed gain on Workers' Rights.

For many workers we need to secure a living wage, sick pay entitlements, the right to remain at work, end mandatory retirement, collective bargaining, security of employment and end precarious work.

The most effective way to achieve these rights for workers is through the Trade Union movement and a voice at Government which has workers rights enshrined in its core values.

We need to address the deficit of female representation at local and national level, in Kilkenny County Council there are 24 Councillors, of these only three are women, this cannot continue if we want to develop a community that is equally reflective of the people it represents.

My priorities

As a Trade Union Official who represents workers in both the public and private sector at local level and through the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court, I see first-hand all the pressures that workers experience during their working lives and the impact that these stresses can have for them and their families.

I am committed to trying to improve workers rights' through campaigning at local and national level.

Being a full-time working mother with 3 children, I understand the endless burden on families to meet the financial demands and strains that face all of us every day.

Each and every child deserves the right to the same opportunity to access the services needed to develop and grow in a community that respects and supports them. This means affordable and accessible childcare, community resources, open spaces, realistic waiting times for appointments.

The unfair struggle for housing is crippling individuals'D rights to have a secure and safe space, the prospect for many of owning their own home is diminishing daily, the lists for housing are too long and hopeless.

Rents and the over reliance on the Housing Assistant Payment (HAP) are far too high and unsustainable for individuals going forward. The public housing system needs to be reformed.

Main Priorities

  • Decent and Affordable Housing,
  • Local Sustainable Jobs,
  • Living Wage Rate of Pay,
  • Environment.

My background

As someone who was born and raised in Kilkenny I take great pride in the opportunity to represent and be a strong voice for local people and listen to their views and contributions about how we can continue to develop our community.

I believe my work as a trade union official has provided me with a unique set of skills that will assist in problem solving issues which occur for the people of Kilkenny.

Clubs and Committees

  • Carlow / Kilkenny District Council,
  • Kilkenny County Childcare Committee,
  • Evergreen Soccer Club.