Why I got involved in politics

I have been a community activist for over thirty years, I strongly believe in equality and diversity for all individuals and communities. This core belief has been at my heart and soul for all my life and has guided me throughout my activism. 

I have been involved in Dublin Pride since 1993 and have had the pleasure of acting as Manager and Head of Fund & Events. In 1993 I attended my first Pride March; this was even more special to me and thousands more as it was the year in which homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland. Continuing this tradition and vital demonstration of equality, diversity, acceptance, and love I will again be walking in Dublin Pride for the thirty years in a row in 2023. Since my first involvement in Dublin Pride and LGBTQ+ activism The Labour Party has been there supporting this community. 

The Labour Party has been at the center of the fight for full equality, diversity, and acceptance for many years. This has been present for all communities and people across Ireland. The Labour Party has and continues to fight for women’s rights, workers’ rights, renters’ rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and climate action to name but a few. 

As a Labour Party Candidate for the 2024 Local Elections. I am excited and proud to bring my experience, drive, and passion to fight for all people who live in Dublin’s South-East Inner City. I want to continue to work with my local community in Dublin 8 to improve our fantastic area. I also hope to have the chance to work with and get to know the communities of Dublin 2 and 4 to ensure they have the opportunities and facilities they deserve. 

I am enthusiastic about education, housing, community, equality, fairness and the environment and arts. I will strive to ensure these are central to all my work as a Labour Party Local Area Rep and hopefully as a Dublin City Councilor. 

My priorities

  • Housing: both National and Local Government need to immediately address housing availability, affordability, and quality. The current Social Housing Stock needs to be upgraded to ensure it meets the necessary housing standards of today. 
  • Public Land Use: all public land should be made available to national and local government to develop social and affordable housing. This could be achieved by local government prioritising housing building matched with responsible urban planning to ensure community development. 
  • Public Safety: for all communities needs to be a priority across Dublin, but specifically in Dublin City Centre.
  • Education and Youth Programmes: adequate school funding and access to education needs to be available for all in our community. This could be promoted by the following:

o Increase supportive initiatives to enhance early childhood education. 

o Increased funding and resources for local after-school programmes, for both primary and secondary students. 

  • Community Development: all community members should be involved in the decision-making process. Through the establishment of community advisory boards which seek input from residents on all local issues. This would increase diverse representation and promote inclusivity for local governance issues.
  • Environmental Sustainability: should be promoted across Dublin by collaborating with local communities. Dublin City Council should aim to achieve the following:

o Preserve public green spaces and parks. 

o Increase funding for community gardens.

o Provide a better waste management and collection service. 

o Provide increased recycling options for public use. 

My background

I was born and raised in Dundalk but have lived in Dublin’s South-East Inner city for over thirty years now. I came to Dublin to attend college to study dance, a career I had for a number over years which was me travel from London to New York.

Throughout primary and secondary school I struggled and left formal education at 16 years of age. In later life I was diagnosed with dyslexia, this allowed me to believe in myself again, and I taught myself to read and write. Following on from this realisation and newfound interest in education I completed a degree in Hotel Management. I then completed a diploma in Public Relations, Event Management and Marketing before obtaining a Master’s in Social Media and Communications. 

I have lived in The Iveagh Trust Apartments on Kevin Street for over fifteen years and am an active member in this community. I was Chairperson of Iveagh Trust Kevin Steer from 2016-2022 and was the founding member of the Iveagh Trust’s (Kevin Street) Community Gardens. I have also worked alongside with the local YMCA and Scouts on biodiversity and environmental projects in The Cabbage Patch (Dublin 8) and Iveagh Trust Association.