Why I got involved in politics

Growing up in Nigeria wasn’t easy coming from a middle-class family and I wasn't able to attend university. This experience has been a driving force behind my pursuit of education and my decision to enter politics. I've been an active member of the Labour Party for few years and have served as secretary for my local constituency for the past four years.

I am a very hard-working lady, enthusiastic, optimistic and always ready for action.

Through hard work, dedication, and focus, I believe anything is possible.

My priorities

Working towards housing policy that is responsive to the needs of my community.

Advocating for early intervention in all aspects of children and family services and vulnerable women with domestic violence.

Strengthening community and local business links throughout my areas.

Seeking equity in access to quality and affordable childcare for families.

Promoting the Arts and seeking increases in funding for Arts initiatives, also to integrate cultural diversities within my community.

Making my areas the best town in Ireland to live in by ensuring everyone in our community has their voice represented.

Being part of the solution by doing, not just talking.

My background

I'm a single mother of two boys, aged 22 and 17. I graduated with a degree in law from DIT in 2017 and worked at the Citizens Advice Centre for six years. Currently, I'm studying part-time with the Law Society to become a solicitor. I work as a carer with Private Homecare while completing my Law Society exams.

My journey to this point hasn't been easy. As a mature student, I faced challenges, including being in classes with students the same age as my children. However, I remained focused and determined. I never missed a class, despite juggling two jobs, parenting, the school run, and my studies.

My passion for law, particularly immigration law, drives me forward. Despite concerns about age discrimination in the job market, I remain committed to achieving my goals.

Clubs and Committees

Coordinator of One African Women Society of Ireland