Why I got involved in politics

I’ve always felt a deep commitment to my community and a strong sense of social justice, but growing up as a gay man I knew I would have to fight for my own rights as well as everyone else’s.

My core belief is that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves equal opportunities and a strong voice in decision-making processes. Politics, to me, is a platform where I can make real, tangible improvements to people's lives.

My priorities

In response to the urgent needs of our community, I am dedicated to addressing critical issues such as:

Housing: Building sustainable and affordable housing is imperative. It is about more than just homes, it's about fostering strong communities equipped with essential local services. The scourge of dereliction on our streets is something that I think needs particular attention.

Public Transport: Improving our public transport system is a must. I will strive for a comprehensive transport network that caters to everyone, prioritising affordability and reliability.

Climate Action: The climate crisis is an undeniable reality that requires immediate action. I am committed to ensuring we meet our climate targets through equitable and fair policies.

Social Equality: I am passionate about advocating for marginalised and underrepresented communities, ensuring equal access to resources and opportunities.

My background

I am currently serving as the International Officer of JEF Ireland, where we promote and protect the rights of young Europeans. Prior to this, I served as the Co-Chair of Labour LGBT from 2019 to 2023, working tirelessly to advance LGBT rights and issues within the Labour Party and wider community..

In addition to my political commitments, I am a workplace representative with Fórsa Trade Union, where I advocate for workers' rights and strive to foster a fair and balanced working environment.

As your Local Area Representative, I am committed to bringing these diverse experiences to the table and to addressing the needs of our vibrant and dynamic community. Together, let's make Cork City an even better place to live, work and thrive.