Why I got involved in politics

Coming from a council estate, I have seen the value of hard work and also the challenges that working people face. I want to be a voice that speaks for people who grew up in social housing on working class wages and represent their interests.

I wish to continue the great work that Labour has done for Killiney-Shankill and Dun Laoghaire, such as the provision of more social and affordable housing. With your voice and your support, I believe that we can continue to make our community a place that works for all. 

My priorities

Public Housing and Community Spirit

A house is not a home without strong communities and local, public services. In order to properly solve the housing crisis, we must do so with the plans to ensure that every new homeowner builds a strong community with every existing homeowner.

Travel and Transport

To create an active and engaged community starts with ensuring that the community is accessible to all. We must prioritise the removal of cars from our public spaces to create a healthier planet, but also to generate better engagement with our local businesses and community organisations.

Care and Equality

The true measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens and thankfully we live in a more knowledgeable world than before. It is my firm commitment to seek out and remove any barrier to access and inequality within our community to create a more equal and compassionate society.

My background

I am Ballybrack born and raised and in my spare time I am an active participant in the Ballybrack Climate Action group. My professional background is English Language Teaching which opened my eyes to the exploitation rife in the migrant worker sector in Ireland. I am also currently training to be a solicitor. I am a previous chairperson of Labour Youth and the current co-chairperson for Labour LGBTQ+.